YouTube News 2023 Shorts Costum Thumbnail, Rollout Soon

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Accepted YouTube platform every social media company has enabled custom thumbnail in their reals or long video when you start uploading your fresh content. Tik tok has completely change the world of video time and now every company of your country related wants people to make content in 2 popup second.

YouTube creator inside given information on custom complain and said in February month custom thumbnail will be roll out again and you will able to change your YouTube shots image according to your choice like previous custom thumbnail.

For iPhone user YouTube don't give any type of features of custom thumbnail. But good thing is if you have iPhone phone then you may also have Android phone also and you can transfer your thumbnail image into your edited video where you select cover of your video.

I personally have iPad tablet where I can change thumbnail of my shots during choosing or uploading current short video. Which is best part of thing. But making video in in Android iPhone versus tablet is Android have good user experience then iPhone or tablet.