YouTube Copyright Shorts TV in UK High Court

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Hello friends good morning all of love you. In today’s update of how to make money online we will share YouTube shorts latest update. While searching online related to YouTube shorts 17 January update I found legal battle of name for shorts name.

There is a brand name shorts international if you don’t know and it has also website and company name shorts in entertainment industry. This company with the name of shots has filed complain in UK High Court and company wants YouTube should change it’s shorts 60 second video platform name two other name.

Shorts international is asking you to change the shorts name from their platform. This is trademark issue and latest development in YouTube versus shorts. International is in UK High Court is hearing both company cases.

Shorts international claims, due to YouTube shorts. Their customer can’t differentiate between their products versus YouTube shorts and company files trademark related case previous year 23rd, June 2022. 

 Google lawyer is fighting hard to save the company trademark against that company, who filed in this case of changing name of YouTube shorts to other name. So the result is it case is going positive to YouTube and negative to shorts international. 

Company has also registered comment on they will go for longer battle if they don’t win the case off and not get judgment in favor of them.