Google AI ChatGPT 2023 New Features, Microsoft Bing Plan

Google AI ChatGPT 2023 New Features, Microsoft Bing Plan of Adding Extension of Open AI ChatGPT, Google AI ChatGPT trends, YouTube AI ChatGPT.

Recently Google has planned to make search more interesting and you know all that Microsoft has invested 10 billion dollar in new chatbot called open AI ChatGPT.

Open ai chat GPT has given a life to those people, project maker, theory and practical projects and students who are learner and always wants to get information for future. Larry Page who is CEO of Google has called his team to tackle ChatGPT and AI Chatbot.

Microsoft has plan to use chat GPT in his search engine name Bing and after this announcement Google was in mode. However Google don't need to panic because it search depend on users we have made website domain you took shots YouTube channel.

Main difference between Google search versus AI chat GPT is Google gives source from newspaper website and portal about what you search and AI chat gpt give you search from its robot version.

You can ask in both Google and chat GPT regarding how to invest in stock market how to make money in online market and how to write Java script how to become millionaire etc.

Very soon you will be able to see Google owned AI chat GPT. According to New York Times Google to launch more than 20 new products and version of its search engine that will support chat board feature this year 2023. 

Both Microsoft 11000 employee layoffs and Google 12000 employee lods job after launching AI chat GPT.