Al Nassr Cristiano Ronaldo Per Season, Mbappe Golden Boot, Messi 1000 Games

Al Nassr Cristiano Ronaldo Per Season Deal 2025, CR7 Timeline, Mbappe Golden Boot Name, Messi 1000 Games Vs Cristiano Ronaldo Goal, Mbappe Real Age, Fake News on  ronaldo club deal.

Al Nassr official sent proposal to Cristiano and Ronaldo is looking on the table, as called last week. €200m per year until 2025, but including sponsor deals.

Free agent Cristiano Ronaldo will sign a 2.5-year contract with Saudi Arabian side Al Nassr in a deal potentially worth $200M per season, reported by MARCA.

Sports Bible Twitter handle revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo is agree to sign but May be it is after the World Cup because Mbape is leading him with 9 years of gap.Mbappe has overtaken Ronaldo for World Cup goals!. He's 14 years younger.

Mbappe real age is 23 years. 

And Messi already crosse 789 goals out of 1000 games as compare to Ronaldo 725 out of 1000 games.

However large number of Fans don’t want Cristiano Ronaldo to go in Al Nssr club. People are talking and saying Cristiano Ronaldo is not done with any club and it's just another media lie. Cristiano Ronaldo is 100% focused on the World Cup and nothing will be decided that period, you can rest assured. Whatever you're reading now, Discard.

Middle East, Qatar and Gulf media just wants to create a scene, win over his name as usual and try to put down moral of his team. So once again Full focus on the World Cup. After this, we will soon see where Cristiano will play. Now don't even waste any time on