UK Fisherman Image 30 KG Goldfish in France, Breaks World Record

UK Fisherman Image 30 KG Goldfish in France, 67 Pounds Giant Gold Fish Breaks World Record, Blue Water Lakes Gold Fish in France, Champagne Lakes Gold Fish Real Image Videos, Angler Ande Hacket.

Recently fisherman in France got 67 pound of goldfish which may also break the world record. British fisherman catches 30 kg of goldfish which is called one of the largest goldfish in French lake. This face was found in blue water lakes Champagne, France. 

Person who have catched, touch big goldfish in France is told to be Angler Ande Hacket and the fish nicknamed The Carrot at the Blue Water Lakes. Mostly people use goldfish for their home decoration and you can probably found goldfish on first spot from seller who sales fish aquarium. 

It was a luck of fisherman who got this giant goldfish and maybe large number of crowd going to visit this Lake after 67 pound goldfish caught by hacket. After Hackett posed for this photo the fish was released back into the water. No harm given to the giant goldfish of France. 

Fisherman spent 25 minutes for making some YouTube shorts Instagram reals before posing for a photo. Price of smallest goldfish is above $50 and this giant goldfish maybe in million if someone wants. 

Goldfish, Whale Shark, Tortoise and many more species can live longer than 100 + year but they have to hide from humans who use them as a food. Our earth has given plenty of water for both humans and animals birds trees to survive.