Tesla Recalls 321000 Cars US, Model Name, Issue Found

Tesla Recalls 321000 Cars US: Hello guys welcome to our portel and here we will talk about Tesla and recently Tesla recalling more than 321000 vehicles so what is the main issue behind the calling these premium Tesla cars. Let's check it below. 

We are heading towards last year of month and Elon Musk is searching a way to get more countries to adopt Tesla cars but on current time we calling of Tesla cars is viral now in the US. Social media says 320000 vehicles in the US have some problem in rare lighting issue because tail light may intermittently fail to eliminate, this reason is given by company officer. 

Some Tesla mechanical expert reveals that this is a software issue and that could cause tail light to turn off intermittently. The name of the Tesla car is model X and this recall cover certain 2022 model Y SUV and 2022 model 3 sedans. 

Below are the important point that you will understand regarding recalling of Tesla cars according to models and their problem:- 

1.Tesla recall 30000 model X cars due to faulty airbag behaviour in was there front passenger airbags may deploy in correctly in some type of situations. 

2.Other issues face boy this model X car is still light fail to illuminate and the number is very high, just said to be 321000. In Tesla recall letter form published on Saturday to the national highway traffic safety administration which is NHTSA that the electric vehicle manufacturer to them that the tail light related recall covers to 2023 model 3 and 2020 2023 model Y vehicles. 

 In a response Tesla manufacturing location name taxes said they will deploy software update to correct the real life issue however they have not reported any type of crashes or injuries to their customer or driver related to the recall.