Tesla Full Self Driving Beta V 10.69 Price, Top 5 Features, Plan Per Month

Tesla Full Self Driving Beta V 10.69 Price, tesla full self driving beta version number Elon Musk FSD Beta North America Top 5 Features, Tesla V11 Subscription Per Month, $12000 Tesla Full Self Driving Plan Increase.

Musk has recently announce FSD beta 11 released note where you will get experience of full self driving car. On current time it is available for users living in US Canada and within sometime days update will be available to country specific. Talking about some features of FSD beta v11 then you can read it below:- 

 FSD Beta Enabled On Highway Roads-If you enable full self driving beta 11 on highway roads then will make way for adding more intelligent behaviour is smoother control and better decision making you can see some 260k videos already available on YouTube where people are driving with their new software update name beta v11. 

 Tesla full self driving beta price has been increased previous lucky cost taken from consumers was $12000 and doesn't leave they have increased it by adding $3000 more which becomes $15000✓. 

 There is no Black Friday deal or Thanksgiving related to Tesla FSD better subscription plans. Phone some concession on plan then you must contact your nearest Tesla plant for more details. 

 Full Self Driving Subscription Per Month:- If you want to enjoy your full self driving capability then you must buy subscription plan of FSD where you will have to pay $199 per month for your basic auto pilot to FSD capability and in $99 you will get in hand auto pilot to capability however enhance auto pilot is only available in selected markets 

1.Better gap and course map information with improved lane geometry and lane bonds. 

2.Changes in speed based lane divide slowing down tracking in fast lens and interfere less with navigation 

3. It will reduce sensitivity or speaking based lane changes in the chill mode.

4. Imagic View.

5. Auto Highway beams are now better with this version and alone mask has given credit to test auto pilot ki 18 on achieving a major milestone. 6.This version will be made available to any Tesla models in the United State who want to join the beta program and the full self driving beta 11 is the big one as well as biggest moment in the tesla industry.