Orange Cat in Suitcase at New York Airport, Image, X Ray Found

Orange Cat in Suitcase at New York Airport, TSA JKF Airport Orange Cat Image in Luggage X Ray Found Cat in Suitcase, Pet Animal Transportation in JKF Airport.

Orange cat was found in suitcase and this incident was happened at New York JFK Airport. Airport security guard found that cat was inside the suitcase last week and they have also saved it from being transported on aircraft luggage. 

Credit goes to x-ray was able to discover that with orange screen. This real story was made and detected on 16 November when a bag was being examined from JFK to Atlanta connecting to Florida. And the Xbox women of the essay said that the suitcase was not belong to individual and it was some other person in the household. 

It was not a new incident that was seen in airport. Cats, Dogs and birds like Peacock was taken by passenger during their flight. These are pet animal and they don't make so much noise because they are highly trained to support their owner as well as crowd living in that place. 

One of airport staff slowly open the suitcase and the cat was silent and it not make any noise. And the colour of cat inside luggage at JFK airport was orange. And the cat had apparently crawled into the suitcase of a visiting friend who was said to be roomm