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Do you know you can make 150 dollar an hour by just looking to Google. Here we will show you technique and tips to make money from Google you only need to follow our rule and go to recommended website where you want to make money as well as certified by Google. 

You need to first visit or according to your country or according to your country domain name. After typing you doing name you need to write skills shop Google. Then you can see first page of your Google search result. 

Click on the first link and on the first page you will see, Master the Google tools you used to work with online training. First click on get started and choose according to your interest where you can get certificate of Google. So these are the e-Learning courses provided by Google product experts where you can learn at your own pace and Google certificate. 

After choosing your course, take the course I learn as much as you can search all types of nature related to your course. For example if you want to learn course name Google ads certificate then you should complete diagnostic assessment. 

After completing your course you need to go up and make profile on it and all types of knowledge you have gained from recent google certification course as well as your previous work related to their course if you have or you can also mention as a fresher. 

 And start offering your services. You can also set up your pay rate according to your work such as $100 to $150 dollar per hour.