Maine Lake Placid 29 Foot Crocodile, Worlds Largest 9 Metres

Maine Lake Placid 29 Foot Crocodile in US: This crocodile is said to be the world largest and man eating crocodile the total height of this crocodile is 9 m and it is located in Maine lake. So we have found dinosaur crocodile. 

The 29 food crocodile was discovered in a lake in maine and people are calling it now the world largest crocodile which is not trending in all over media. Twitter handle name Tansu Yegen shared video of Maine 29 foot crocodile. The real issue here is that Maine crocodile that you are saying here can't survive because it is not worm enough and the footage is from that 1999 movie Lake placid. 

So it is really a fake crocodile which is used for filming 1999 movie named Lake placid. At that time Twitter was not so powerful so the person who have shared this crocodile video saying this is real video but it is not real video it is a replica only which is made with plastic engine. 

You can see also some swimmer are also swimming near so called 9 metre Maine crocodile. And if a crocodile is a man eater then you can't go near to this crocodile. And America is known for their alligators and crocodiles are not found in large number. 

Now fast check is already done thanks for watching. Some species of us crocodile is called crocodileon and you can search them in South Florida coast of Mexico as well as in Peru and Venezuela. Video is behind the scene footage from lake placid that was set in lake in Maine.