Louis Vuitton Paris Luxury Hotel Open Time, Boutique, Eiffel Tower

Louis Vuitton Paris Luxury Hotel Open Time, LV Paris Headquarter Boutique Opening Date, Eiffel Tower View From Louis Vuitton Hotel Paris.

In this episode we will talk about one of the famous luxury brand named Louis Vuitton. Louis Vuitton is one of the biggest luxury brand in the world that sales bags, wallet, purse and bracelet for women. Paris Hilton, lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, Hannah Montana, Scarlett Johnson Justin Bieber etc are there customer who prefers to use Louis Vuitton Paris products. 

So what is the news that we want to tell you about Louis Vuitton. Louis Vuitton going to open hotel which will equipped with full service. Paris France is famous for their luxury products and we forgot to mention perfume and you can buy top luxury perfumes in any branded shop that you can't find in your home country. Because best fragrance scientist maker living in Paris city and they get good amount of salary package to make unique fragrance perfume that can't be found in any brand. 

Tourist who are going first time to Paris then they always search location of Louis Vuitton to watch which type of luxury items sold by this brand headquarter. Louis Vuitton going to open full service hotel in there headquarter. 

Louis Vuitton Paris headquarter hotel will cover the area of 4000 square metre and from this hotel or best thing about this hotel is guest can watch both beautiful scene of Eiffel Tower and Notre dame de Paris. 

Not only big hotel going to happen in Louis Vuitton Paris headquarter but also they are opening world's biggest LV boutique. In 1854 Louis Vuitton has open its first Store in Paris.