Lionel Messi Food in Qatar University, No 5 Star Hotels, Student Halls

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Lionel Messi is now in Qatar and his enjoying his 26 squad team living in university but not in five star hotel. After reading this statement you will be shocked and ask why world number one footballer is living in Qatar University instead of five star hotel. So here you will get all your question in reply check out below. 

Lionel Messi and its team always wants to feel that they are living in home country so they broke the rule of their luxury life. Lionel Messi 26 squad team wants to enjoy home like food and they always love their beef barbeque foods which is not available in 5 star hotel in Qatar. 

And Argentina football association has told to media that they wants there player to enjoy food which suits their tradition. Lionel Messi is playing is 5th tournament in he never disappoint his fan on current time if you want to meet with him then you must go University of Qatar. 

His team will start there world campaign against Saudi Arabia on 22 November and then they will play Mexico and Poland on 27 November and 1st December. Cristiano Ronaldo is also in Qatar and he praise Messi for his work and says he is a magic guy, top, as a person we share the stage.

Lionel Messi (35) is the only Argentina player without a roommate (Because Aguero has retired) at the squad's Qatar University base for the World Cup.