Cathie Wood 2030 Bitcoin Prediction $1 Million Per Coin, Arkinvest, BOM

Cathie Wood 2030 Bitcoin Prediction $1 Million Per Coin, Ark Invest Coinbase Shares, BOM Partner Ark Invest, Bloomberg Interview Cathie Wood 1Million Dollar BITCOIN Price, What You Think.

This is breaking news for all people who are going to buy or invest in cryptocurrency. Recently founder CE0 and CIO at ARK invest has given money maker opportunity to investor and also given prediction on Bitcoin. Her name is Cathie Wood. Cathie Wood says Bitcoin will be worth 1 million dollar per coin by 2030.

She recently given interview to Bloomberg magazine where she given her thought on upcoming changes in cryptocurrency market and why should people think about at least one time to buy and invest in cryptocurrency of their favourite list. During her interview session she said that I think Bitcoin will be worth £1,000,000 by 2030. 

Before giving her explanation Cathie Woods Aark buys 60 million dollar in Bitcoin and this happen after cryptor stocks ftx collapse. On current time Arc invest is buying lots of Coinbase, Silver Gate and GBTC shares. 

Note:$ARKK bought 176945 shares of $GBTC. 

BMO is also partnering with ARK Invest. This news has also reported by fortune, Bloomberg, BBC as well as Guardians. Cathie Wood says she trust trip to despite ftx collapse. $ARKK.176945 shares of $GBT.