2023 Audi R8 GT 150 US Model Price, Pre Order Date, Features

2023 Audi R8 GT 150 US Model Price, Audi R8 GT Limited Edition Pre Order Date, Audi R8 Top Features, Maximum Speed in Limited Edition of Audi US R8 GT 2023.
Audi has announced its new car is coming in USA which will costs you at $249,900. Here you are seeing sing shot of Audi USA Limited Edition 2023. You can pre orders as fast as you can because Audi already says shopping cart will be disappear soon. 

Audi R8 GT color option you can choose is Red, Black and Grey. Based on your order you can also get some attractive attachment in colour also. This is next generation Audi R8 with Hybrid V10 power. US is leading largest number of Audis after Canada, Germany, France. 

Audi R8 GT Features: Only 150 Audi R8 is coming to the USA and globally 333. Good to know that US models will have more specifications than rest of the world. 

1.It has laser light headlight technology 
2.its rear wheel drive follows Europe special law made on emission 
3.Dynamic steering and 7 speed DCT gearbox. 
4 It will break speed metre of 199 mph. 
5. Audi R8 GT models will have access to carbon mirrors, carbon side blades, carbon doors sills. 

Date of Launch Audi R8 GT: Audi R8 GT goin to pre orders to each dealers by the end of Q1 2023. 

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