Nostradamus Royal Family Predictions 2023 World War 3, Mars Landing, New Pope

Nostradamus Royal Family Predictions 2023 French Astrologer Predictions 2024, King Charles 3 Year of The Tiger Nostradamus Prince Charles Royal Family Prediction, Word War 3 Predictions By Nostradamus Mars Landing, New Pope.

Nostradamus is a French astrologer who is known for his future predictions. He is famous all over the world and researcher cracked his writing which is based on future astrology. His 70% predictions are true and even scientists solve his puzzle made of poem.

He was born in December 1503 in Southern France's Saint Rémy de Provence with his full name Michel de Nostradame. Below are predictions of Nostradamus which become true:

1.Adolf Hitler 
2. World War 2 
3. French Revolution 

Nostradamus 2023 Predictions List 

1.World War: Between USA Vs Russia Vs Ukraine, India Vs Pakistan/ China, India Vs China, Japan Vs China, Developed Vs Developed, Economy Vs Economy. 

2.New Pope: He says current Pope will be the last true Pope and next pope will create scandal. Their will Peter The Roman, Seven hilled will be destroyed. 

3.Mars Landing: NASA curiosity rover is already sending various types of image, James Webb Telescope is performing and searching for Blue planet. 

4.Celestial Fire: Celestial fire on Royal edifice. 

5. New World Order: He is something true on New World Order after Covid 19. Some new countries wants seat in security council. Country will become aggressive to save their territory and they will help each other according to their interest. 

5. Royal Family: An unexpected successor will be chosen to rule. Charles 3 will become King of Islands.

Above ideas doest not shows our views. We have collected this info from online media sources.