iPhone 14 Pro Max Dynamic Island Features, How To Activate, Turn On/OFF

iPhone 14 Pro Max Dynamic Island Feature, Turn On/OFF iOS 16.1 Beta Dynamic Island Reachability Support For iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone Pro Max Dynamic Island How To Activate iPhone 14 Max Dynamic Island.

We are Congratulating your purchase of iPhone 14 and 14 Pro Max. Now you can view activities in the Dynamic Island In your new generation of smartphone called iPhone iOS 14 Pro and iPhone Pro Max.

Main feature of Dynamic Islands iPhone Pro and Max is user can check alerts and activity in progress such as your incoming phone calls, AirPods connected, FaceID, Apple Pay.

1.Music That’s Playing 
2.Your Timer 
3.Airdrop Connection 
4.Directions from Map 
6.Car keys in the wallet app 
7.Unlocking the iPhone with Apple Watch 
8.Low battery indicators 
9.Ring/Silent mode 
10.Focus mode

How to See Dynamic Island Activity on Your iPhone Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max

1.You can clearly see Voice Memos recording showing in the Dynamic Island. The Dynamic island appears whenever your iPhone is unlocked. 

2.To see more details about the activities on dynamic islands. You only have to touch and hold the Dynamic island to expand it.

Many peoples loved Dynamic Features of iPhone 14 and some people don’t like this work because it may consume more battery and it is the copy of Samsung One UI Notification pop ups.

One Dynamic Users lovers says when you are on phone call on the iPhone 14 Pro the wave form the animation in the dynamic island shows orange and when you are speaking and other friends you are talking then it shows green.

How to Turn on Dynamic island Reachability 

1.Go to settings- Accessibility-Turn on Reachability. 
2. To lower the top half of the screen, do below the following 

—On an iPhone with Face ID 
—On an iPhone with Hone Button.