iPhone 14 Plus Pro Max E Sim Features, Benefits, US, Europe, Asia Costumers

iPhone 14 Plus Pro Max E Sim Features, Benefits of iPhone 14 E Sim Card, US Costumers iPhone Pro E Sim Technology, Europe iPhone 14 Max eSim Latest News, Asia Costumers iPhone 14, Apple Event.

You are hearing on Apple Event claims to not make sim tray based iPhone 14 models. Now all iPhone smartphone will equipped with e sim. Sources says e sim smartphone is for US costumer only and they can use multiple E sims/ multiple accounts/ multiple carriers.

iPhone 14 US E Sim Latest News: The new iPhones comes with E Sim, that means their is no slim slot available. Many people who change simcard sometimes in a year to change their mobile network company. They may don't like this no physical tray card. However if you don't change your sim than you may like this move and iPhone support of green environment.

Who will be effected by iPhone 14 No Sim Tray Card: if you are travelling one states to other states or country to countries that you need to carry Android phones with sim tray card.Many people admitted that some network speed and reached change according to city. 

Benefits of Using E sim: Some users of iPhone 13, 12, 11 claims they get good downloading and uploading speed, when they convert physical sim into e sim. E sim provides good network coverage and speed better than physical sim tray card. 

iPhone 14 Pro E Sim Activate: SIM technology allows you to add or transfer a cellular plan to your iPhone, without using a physical SIM card. iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models will arrive ready to activate with SIM.* Note, these models cannot activate with a physical SIM.