Home Remedies For Missed Late Period, White Discharge, Pregnancy, Child

Home Remedies For Missed Late Period, White Discharge No Period After Child, Late Period after Pregnancy, After 1 year or 6 month late period after child born, Home Remedies For Late Period. What To Do, Find Missed Period Back on Time. When To Consult Your Doctor. How To Live Your Life.

This type of Article we are sharing to all of your for your Mothers, Sisters, Wife or Aunty. Someone has suggested me to tell all women’s, girls, daughter or Mothers to apply 2 types of remedy if any missed their period of their cycle.

Note: Women should always drink powder than have all nutrients in daily basis.You can also translate it your own language like English US UK, Chinese Mandarin, Indian Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, German, French, Italian etc by Google Translate.

In this world if you can face problem than you don’t belong to this Earth. Whether you are rich or poor, everybody wants their body should work properly so they can eat, travel, talk and live for more than 100 years. On current time Japanese, Korean, Chinese people live 100+ years. Main reason is they follow their parents habits, eat good quality food, they even don’t tasted burger, pizza and any fast food.

Your body work well if you follow nature rule. Whether you are Male, Female, Boys and Girls you must eat healthy food. Always sleep before 10.00 pm and in morning you can walk in 5.00 am to 6 am. And never use mobile in the morning when your first eyes open.

Now come the point of missed period. Every women, girl is a part of period and missed period. Below are the following points you may be missed your period, late period.

1. If you missed your period than it may be back in cycle of 28, 35 or 45 days.

2. If you want title of pregnant than you have missed period or if you don’t want than consult to your doctor first and last option. 

White Discharge Missed Period: Do you to White discharge- you may be missed your period/late period. Mostly women says they are getting white watery type liquid. If you are in this condition than don’t take it seriously because your body is cleaning your blood and removing bacteria in the form of white discharge.

How to get your late period/ missed period back: Below are the following points to follow after sometime of late period:-

1.Change your daily routine from day to night.

2. Decrease your heavy work.And take some rest.

3. Due to your hormone imbalance your are getting weak.It may also cause late period. 

3. May be you have eaten some medicine related to your early illness. So consult to your doctor to stop eating.

4.Take syrup related to white discharge.

5. Drink fruit juice , papaya fruit.

Home remedies for no period: This is old grandpa tips to get your period back:-

When your are going to sleep than Drink milk with turmeric powder of 1 teaspoon. Apply it every night for 4 to 5 days. Milk should be of buffalo or cow or goat.

Second tips to get period to home or no doctor: Some women are scared of doctor bills. They think how much doctor charge or how they treat them. So your life is important. You must talk to your parents or husband for this issue.

1. Go to your kitchen to boil water.

2. During water boiling add Cumin seeds+ fenugreek seeds+ turmeric powder + ginger.

3. Filter it and make as a tea.

4. Drink it regularly for 3 to 4 days. Result will be good.

Note: Still you don’t get period than directly go to doctor for any other issues like infections.