Google Meta Engineers Height Increase Surgery, Total Costs, Institute Name

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Google, Amazon, Meta, Microsoft and other top IT companies engineers are going to special institutes named LimbplastX. In this LimbplastX institute you can increase your height and it is world renowned Limb Lengthening Institute that uses most advance technology to increase your leg height.

Everybody wants to increase their in an inch. Some people eats height medicine pills which claims to increase height but it is not effective so well, many trainers/ instructors of gym advice to take workout according their exercise for height increase, some do yoga and common parents advice their child for hanging on pipe or tree.

LimbplastX Institute is located in Las Vegas city of US and it was founded in year 2016 by Kevin Deviparshad. Dr Kevin Debiparshad of the LimbplastX is a world renowned limb lengthening surgeon, who claims to increase your height or 6 Feet tall.

Debiparshad says after Covid 19 their institute are getting number of appointment for booking surgery related to limb lengthening. And mostly people belongs to popular companies such as Amazon, Meta, Google and Microsoft Software Engineer.

LimbplastX institute claims they can increase their patient height up to 6 inch which is almost half food. They use metal to increase height of Google Engineer.

Now people wants to know how much Google, Facebook etc engineer are lying for limb lengthening surgery. Minimum costs $70000 to $150,000. Your costs is also depend on how much inch you want to increase.

Disclaimer: Dr. Debiparshad says this LimbplastX Surgery is not for athletes and who don’t lift heavy weight.