China Discover Helium 3 Type Mineral On Moon, Energy Solution, Rare on Earth

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China become third country to discover mineral on moon. This Moon mission of China named Change-5 mission was landed Oceanus Procellarum in December 2020 and it successfully deliver 1.73 Kg of lunar samples to earth.

Researcher says crystal have a substance of Helium 3 and scientist from NASA found large number of Helium 3 reserve on moon which is rare on earth. Back to back moon mission will give other evidence of rare minerals such as Helium 3, Uranium, Plutonium etc.

China New Moon Mineral Changesite Y: Chinese scientist associated to Beijing Research Institute of Uranium Geology have found crystal which they named Changesite (Y). New findings was announced in press meeting held on 9th September 2022. Changesite Y Crystal name is describe mythological Chinese goddess of the moon.

List of Country Finding Mineral on Moon: This discovery means, China is the third country to discover million dollar crystal of the moon followed by United States and Former Soviet Union. 

China Change 6 Moon Mission 2024: China upcoming Next moon is Change 6 and its main objective to land on those moon surface which people never see and it never faces towards the earth.