Apple Watch Ultra 5G Price With Fitness Plus, Features, Battery Life, Free, Health

Apple Watch Ultra 5G Price With Fitness Plus App, US Canada Apple Watch Features List, Battery Life of Apple Watch Ultra 202, Apple Watch Free Fitness Plus Subscription, Health Features of Apple Watch, Band of Apple Watch Ultra.

In Apple event the most important products that company bring is Apple Watch Ultra and iPhone 14. One of the famous YouTuber finds new Ultra watch was designed according to athletes needs.

Many athletes don’t wore any type of watch during their practice time or any championships because they want relax in their games. Apple says in their new Watch that it push boundaries for athletes that do the same. May be apple has contacted any top athletes like Usain Bolt, Lionel Messi, Roger Federer, NBA player to test their new Ultra Watch.

Apple Watch Ultra Features: This is the most ruggedly and capable Apple Watch ever which build with a titanium case. 

1.Dual Frequency GPS 

2.36 hours of battery life, 60 hours of low power settings 

3.Water proof resistance 
4.Unique orange button 

5. Made for people who want to climb in Himalayas mountain -20 Degree Celsius, want to Sahara desert at temperature of 55 Degree Celsius and ocean deep divers. 

Band of Apple Watch: Alpine Loop, Ocean Band, Trail Loop.

Apple Watch Ultra Health Features: It has a powerful health features like Heart beat trackers, your body temperature sensing, sleep tracking, ecg app can record your heartbeat and rhythm using the electric heart sensor and then check the recording for atrial fibrillation. 

Smart Watch Ultra Safety Features: New sensors can detect your car and bike crash and can send or call your registered emergency services. 

Apple Watch Ultra Price in US: Cost of Titanium Case with Green Alpine Loop Price is $799 or $33.29/mo. per month for 24 months.
1.Fall Detection 

2.Emergency SOS 

3.Crash Detection 

Apple Smart Fitness Plus Free Subscription: Those who buy smart ultra Watch they will get 3 months of free subscription of fitness +. Existing Watch owners get 1 month free than you can pay $9.99 per month or 79.99 annually.