Air Canada ES 30 Electric E Plane Price, Sweden Worlds First Battery Aircraft, Passenger

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Many of you headed about battery operated Electric Car, Bike, Train and Electric Truck. But here we are talking about works first Electric Flight which runs with battery. Swedish made Aircraft company has made this ES 30 Airplane and it was recently bought by Canadian Airlines company, Air Canada.

Aircraft name is ES 30 Electric Aircraft. And in one charge Air Canada can go up to 300 kilometre. ES 30 Aircraft Company CEO Michael Russo claims they have successfully completed Zero Carbon Emission 2050. Canada Airlines has included ES planes proves their company are on right direction.

Price of Each Plane: $5 Million

Partner Investors; Air Canada, SAAB, United Airlines, Lower Carbon, MESA Airlines, Nordic Innovation.

Sweden Electric Airplane maker company is also making 19 seater E Plane and they name this ES 19’Plane. In phase 1 they will make less plane, after sometime they increase their production capacity. 

1.30 passenger can seat on one time. 

2.Plane can fly up to 20000 Ft 

3.In one charge plane can run 200 km of distance.

Capacity – 30 passengers (typical) 

Range – 200 km all electric – 400 km electric+hybrid – 800 km electric+hybrid 25pax 

Propulsion – 4 electric motors 

Energy source – Batteries (primary) – Reserve-Hybrid Turbogenerators 

Max altitude – 20,000 ft 

Runway length – 1,100 m 

Turn around time – 30 min (fast charge) 

Enter into service – 2028