US Metro Cities Rent Price List 2022 Average, Expensive, LA, San Jose, CA

US Metro Cities Rent Price List 2022 New York Apartment Rent Price Per Month US Metro City Los Angeles Rent Price 2023 1 Bedroom Median Rent Price in San Francisco, Most Expensive Rent in US 2022.

In Today’s period Dollar is gaining its charm on all around the world. If you go on currency converter page on google and convert any currency of Asia, America, Europe, Middle East. You will find in analytics that Dollar is the becoming the most expensive currencies in the world. If one country wants to purchase anything from their foreign boarder than they must have US Dollar.

As Federal Bank, European Bank are now increasing the interest rate in July 2022. Major effected areas we have seen in Real Estate and Housing Market. People are losing jobs. Richer are becoming more richer. Poorer are becoming more poorer. Students wants loan forgiveness from Biden Administration. Now those belonging to housing society are getting benefitted from current rent rate of below metro cities in US.

US Most Expensive Cities Rent Price List 2022 Below are the highest rent cities in US by state:- 

1.Los Angeles: Long Beach and Anaheim California: $ 4664 

2.San Diego, Carlsbad, California: $ 4617 

3.Bridgeport, Connecticut, Stamford: $ 4352 

4.San Jose, California, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara: $ 4294 

5.Oxnard California, Thousands Oaks, Venture California: $ 4259 

Top 5 US Cheap Expensive Cities Rent Price List 2022

1.Mobile Alabama: $ 1419 

2.Dayton, Ohio: $ 1412 

3.Wichita Kansas: $ 1397 

4.Akron, Ohio: $ 1367 

5. Canton, Ohio, Massillon, Ohio: $ 1314