New York Studio Apartments For Rent, Cheap $700 US 2 Bedroom Flat Costs

New York Studio Apartments For Rent Price Per Month, Cheap Studio Apartments NYC under $700, New York City 1 Bedroom Apartment Rent, Manhattan Affordable 1 Bedroom Apartments in New York City $1,000.

NewYork is a place where your dream come true. In NewYork city you can find all celebrities living in their apartment, Bungalows and House and taking rent of it. Here we will mention some important cities in US where rent of single apartment is same as purchasing 1 BHK Flat in hilly and Jungle areas of USA. 

US City Wise Apartments Rent Price: Below are average apartments rent of popular cities in US, where if someone wants to live for 1 month only. Then he she should have good amount of money in their bank account and doing white collar jobs, working in IT companies pay high rent.

1. Austin: $3257 

2. New Jersey City: $4521

3. Tempe, Arizona: $1703

4. Jersey, New York: $5821

5. Salt Lake City: $1671

6. California: $2581

7. Fremont: $3106

8. Richmond: $1512 

9. Taikoma, Washington: $2677 

10. Portland: $2182 

Township near NewYork city named New Jersey City is placed second under analysis of apartment rent. Major reason behind increase in apartment rent is workers population increase, recession, inflation and bank has increased their interest rate, housing loan.

Cheap $700 tO $1500 Per month Rent in NYC: You can also find many house owner living in NewYork wants to give apartment to those who are employee in Blue Chip Companies, students learning in University and Colleges and Family doing any business.

NYC Housing Market Predictions 2023: Predictions on housing markets and real estate is depend on people living in that area and type of companies invested in your region. The two important city that would become expensive in luxury house market is Manhattan and Brooklyn.