Elon Musk Texas Private Airport, Near Austin, Latest News

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Elon Musk has lots of money to change the world. He can make small country into the list of Rich country and he can convert any company share into profit giving. He has ability to change Mars environment into Earth like atmosphere. And last one we must know that Musk company very soon going to make transportation services from Earth to space.

Elon Musk has its own Private jet. Many billionaires in the world have their own plan to travel from one state to another state. Billionaires save time from their jets and from their private jets they make various deals under investment, purchasing lands for opening factories.

Now Billionaires have their jets but they don’t have their own Airports. Elon Musk Elon Musk has future plans to build a new private airport in Central Texas. The Tesla CEO is developing the plan for the private airport to be possibly located near Bastrop, Texas. In India recently 5G Spectrum auction was completed and Asia’s richest man Gautam Adani has purchased his own 5G Spectrum to use in his own Adani Airport.

Elon Musk Private Jet Airport will have all services that you want it. You will have Tesla Showroom, Starlink Wifi Services, Space X satellite show on TV and Etc. Now Texas really wants to see Elon Musk is landing from his Private Airport. Elon Musk like people have good support of business people, which will also attract investment in that region.

However Elon Musk has also given clarification on whether he wants to make private airport or not. He says it is not true. Tesla is 5 minutes away from Austin International Airport. It would be silly to make private airport. But he also given some hint on need of another runway as Austin is growing fast.

Note: Elon Must always talk about his place, people where he lives.