Candy Funhouse Chief Candy Officer Salary, 1000 Applied, US, Canada

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If you love candy, chocolates very much and wants that place where you can live your life by eating and tasting only candies. Than we have found job for you and you can also get salary for this. Candy Funhouse is a Canadian Company who is giving jobs to candidates for tasting their candies only.

Candy Funhouse Chief Candy Officer Annual Salary: The job of Chief Candy Officer will pay 100,000 Canadian Dollar Per Year ($78000 in US Dollars). Many chocolates companies also pay insurance to Tongue of candy officer in millions.

Place of Work: Company Offices in Toronto, Canada and New Jersey, American President. 

Candy Funhouse Instagram Followers: 340,000 

TikTok: 3 Million. 

How Much Candy You Have to Taste in a Day: 113 Pieces

Candy Funhouse CCO Qualification: To do these type of jobs, your heart must be like 5 years of child or younger. You must have different taste bud to compare one candy flavour to other candy like strawberry, orange, chocolates etc. 

Candy Funhouse Work Profile: Main job of Chief Candy Officer is taste chocolates and candies. If a person employed than He/She has to taste 3500 products of candy funhouse. 

Candy Funhouse Chief Candy Officer Jobs: This is work from home jobs for Chief Candy Officer. You have an opportunity to work either from home or office. Several and 1000 + candidates have already applied and they are only waiting for chance or interview to come. 

Important Date 

Opening Date of Application: July 2022 

Last Date to Apply: 31st August 2022.