Saudi Arabia $500 Billion NEOM IPO Subscription, Launching Date, Investment Funds

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Saudi Arabian Prince has various future projects to convert desert land into opportunistic city. Mohammad Bin Salman is prince of Saudi Arabia and under his rule Saudi Arabia Administration is approving mega billion projects which is expected to complete in 10 to 15 years and some project May take 20+ years.

Recently Saudi Arabian government approved NEOM Projects of $500 billion and it will be like future city where people will see artificial intelligence technology in real manner. Neom City is Saudi Arabian Smart city which will follow rule of Earth in following ways:-

1. 100 % renewable energy and 95 % land will be preserved for Nature.

2. 200 metre wide road, 170 km long road, 500 metre city above the sea level.

3. Total 9 million people will live in NEOM Smart City project of Saudi Arabia.

4. Residents will also have all facilities in 5 minutes of walk.

5. Zoo, Green city, IT park, stadium etc.

6. Zero Carbon City.

NEOM IPO Launching Date 2024: To complete the project in sooner and later. Saudi Arabian Govt needs $500 Billion. Half of project money will cover by Saudi Administration but they also wants foreign player should also take interest in NEOM project. Now in July month news came out to launch investment fund for NEOM and NEOM IPO.

Saudi Arabia $80 Billion Investment Fund: Saudi Arabia will make $80 Billion of investment fund plans an initial public offering of the project on the kingdom’s stock market as soon as 2024.

Saudi Arabia $500 Billion Dollar IPO Launching Date 2022-2024: Saudi stock exchange is among the largest exchange market in the world to overshadow global peers as Crown Prince expects NEOM’s IPO. According to Trade Arabia NEOM in stock will become get large number of IPO subscription in the world.

Saudi Arabia NEOM IPO Subscription News: Initial Public Offering will help to complete trillion dollar NEOM City projects and First phase of NEOM is going to be stacked with strategic transactions and investments.