NASA Competition Challenge For Students, US People, $7000 Prize Money

NASA Competition Challenge For Students, NASA Ultralight Starshade Structural Design Challenge Registration, NASA $7000 Prize Money Competition For Students, Winners Prize of New NASA Exoplanet Space Challenge.

NASA Exoplanet Search Challenge Registration 2022: America Space Agency is giving opportunity to students as well as astronomy lovers to compete with challenge named Ultralight Starshade Structural Design Challenge. To claim this NASA Challenge you need have deep interest in science, chemistry and physics. 

1.Awards: $7000 in total prizes.

2. Starshade needs to 100 metre in diameter

3. Your large structure should be tightly fits in rocket like Falcon Heavy and Starship type structures.

4. It should be less than 1000 Kg.

NASA Space Challenge Prize $7000: NASA on current time is searching for Earth Like planets, Sun like stars who have some planet like our solar system and  some people know our Earth lies between Goldie Lock Zone. So this is the top priority of Astronomers, Scientists and researcher to find that person who can solve their problem. 

NASA Cash Prize Winners Prize Distribution: Winner will get cash prize of $7000. Common people can also participate in NASA Star Shed Design Challenge and only you have to do this, you have to complete dummy of making light weight start shed.

Sources also says if you give 5 creative ideas to make star shed than it will make 80 percent chances of winning your NASA Talent.

Important Dates

Opening Date of Registration: 12 July 2022

Last Date to apply: 22nd August 2022.