Firefighter I Salary Per Month Virginia, Job Duties, Aptitude Test

Firefighter I Salary Per Month Virginia, Annual Salary of Firefighter 1, NewYork Texas, California, Alexandria Firefighter Aptitude Test, Annual Allowance of Alexandria Firefighter.

Virginia Firefighter I Salary Per Month: Firefighter is a permanent jobs in Fire Department in Virginia, California, NewYork, Texas etc. The monthly payment is approximately $4500. The Firefighter I aspirant learns and performs firefighting during emergency medical services, and fire prevention in a combination of training and as well as in their job training.

Firefighter I Bonus: Candidates who complete their training in classroom. They may get certificate of National Registry Paramedic (NRP). During their first service Firefighter I annual salary is $53,535.56. The NRP candidate will be entitled to be paid lump sum bonus of $5,000.00 upon verification of certification eligibility/reciprocity.

Firefighter I Allowance: National Registry Paramedic candidates will begin receiving a $10,000.00 every year incentive once they begin session 2 of the ALS Internship program. 

Firefighter I Selection Process: After filling online application. You will be called to attend entrance exam named CWH Next Generation Entry-Level Firefighter/EMT Aptitude Test. 

Firefighter I Major Duties and Work

1.Firefighting and Emergency Medical Services (EMS), training, and classes 

2.Participating in fire prevention activities like inspections, public education, pre-fire building surveys. 

3.Operating apparatus and equipment 

4.Attending drills instructed by Firefighter officers. 

5.Participating in physical fitness training 

6.Maintaining, cleaning, and inspecting equipment and fire stations 

7. Other related duties and assignments