75 Mile Skyscraper Saudi Arabia Costs, Bullet Train, Stadium, Mega City

75 Mile Skyscraper Saudi Arabia Costs, Bullet Train in Saudi Arabia Mirror 75 Mile Skyscraper, Football Cricket Stadium, Saudi Arabia Mega City Project List 2023, Mirror Skyscraper in Saudi Desert, Jobs Opening in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabian Prince Mohammad Bin Salman known for his kindness to women, making Saudi Arabia great and he also supports multi cultural religion in his country. Here we are going to talk about upcoming projects of Saudi Arabia which will promote more tourism and support more jobs for foreigners in Saudi Arabia.

 Saudi Arabia Housing Project in 75 Mile Mirror Skyscraper: Their will be connection of high speed railway, flying car, IT parks, sports stadium of 1000 ft and future housing project made in a such a way that people to people meet will complete in 5 minutes of walk, tourist hub, film city etc.

Saudi Arabia Mega Project List 2022:

1. Mega City Project of Saudi Arabia.

2. Saudi Arabia 75 Mile Sky Scrapper

3. High speed Railway Bullet Train Network

4. Green house project to promote mega farming

5. Qiddiya City Entertainment Project.

6. $500 Billion dollar NEOM projects in Saudi Arabia.

7. Saudi Arabia Red Sea Project 2030

8. Jabal Omar Development project.

9. Jeddah Tower worlds first tallest structure.

10. Riyadh Metro City.

75 Mile Mirror Skyscraper Costs: Total costs of Saudi Arabia Mirror Sky Scrapper is $1 Trillion and it will be part of NEOM project. Engineer and Architecture said to complete this structure before 2050. 

Farming in Desert Skyscraper of Saudi Arabia: In skyscraper project Of Saudi Arabia, Farming robot will harvest fruits and vegetables. More than 5 million people can live in location of Skyscraper.

Saudi Arabia Mirror Skyscraper Project News: The Mirror Line will consist of two 1,600 feet tall buildings that run parallel across 75 miles of desert, coastal, and mountain landscapes. Prince Muhammad Bin Salman has claimed he wants the Mirror Line to be ready by 2030.