WhatsApp Payment Rs 35, 105 Cashback, Android, iPhone

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WhatsApp is introducing a cashback promotion for selected WhatsApp users. If you become eligible for the promotion, you'll see a gift icon when you’re sending money to an eligible receiver.

How to Get WhatsApp Rs 35 Cashback: Once selected, you can send money to any of your registered WhatsApp contacts and receive Rs 35 cashback per successful transaction. If your chosen contact is not registered, you’ll be able to invite them to join payments on WhatsApp and send them any amount to receive cashback once they’ve joined.

WhatsApp Cashback Rewards: No minimum payment amount is required. You can receive Rs 35 cashback up to 3 times by sending money to 3 different contacts. Please note you’ll only receive one cashback reward per each contact you choose to send money to.

Eligibility: The following eligibility criteria apply if you want to get cashback: You see a gift icon when you’re sending money to an eligible receiver. You’ve been a WhatsApp user for at least 30 days. 

Whatsapp Business Cashback Offers News: Business is not eligible for this promotion. You’ve registered for payments on WhatsApp by adding your bank account details. If you haven’t added your bank account yet, you can learn how to do this on Android, or on iPhone.

The contact you're sending money to is a WhatsApp user who has registered for payments on WhatsApp in India. If your chosen contact hasn’t registered for payments on WhatApp, you can invite them to register before sending money to them. You’re using the latest version of WhatsApp. To learn how to update WhatsApp.

The following transaction types aren’t eligible for cashback

1.Payments sent when you no longer see the gift icon in the app QR code  payments 

2.Payments made on collect requests 

3.Payments made by entering the UPI ID of recipient 

4.Payments on third party online apps using WhatsApp.