Indian Army Agniveer Salary Allowance, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Year

Indian Army Agniveer Salary Allowance, Indian Army Agneepath Year Pay Scale Latest News Indian Army Allowance For Agneepath Agniveers pay & emoluments of Agniveers.

Indian Army Agneepath Pay Scale 1st Year: The pay & emoluments for Agniveers will be as mention below:-

1st Year Customised Package 30,000/- (plus applicable allowances.

2nd Year Customised Package 33, 000/- (plus applicable allowances.

3rd Year Customised Package 36, 500/- (plus applicable allowances.

4th Year Customised Package 40,000/- (plus applicable allowances.

Regular Employment in Indian Army For Agniveer: Based on organizatonal requirements and policies promulgated Agniveers who are completing their engagement period in each batch will be offered an opportunity to apply for enrolment in the regular cadre of IA. These applications will be considered in a cantralised manner by the army based on an objective criteria including performance during their engagement period and not more than 25 percent for each specific batch of agniveers wilbe enrolled in regular cadre of the IA, Dos.Post completion of their four years engagement, period.

Annual Holiday for Agniveers: 30 days.

Indian Army Agniveer Allowance in Agneepath: In above package 30 percent will be compulsory deposited in a corpus which will be matched by the Government of India.Balance amount less than the corpus contribution will be in hand component.