Georgia Glass Bridge Hanging Cafe Tourist Booking, News

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Dashbashi Canyon Hanging Cafe: Georgia glass bridge opened with Hanging Cafe. This glass bridge 240 metre long and it is made over the Dashbashi Canyon. Total class to built Glass Bridge of Georgia is $40 million and Israel company named Kass Land engineers completed this project.

Georgia Glass Bridge Tickets: If you want to go for a walk in Georgia Glass Bridge than Salca City, Georgia is the place where you have to go. Glass bridge with Hanging restaurant was opened on 14th June 2022.

Georgia Hanging Cafe Booking: Israeli company Kass Land said we want to register Georgia Glass Bridge with Diamond Shaped Hanging Cafe in Guinness Book of World Record. Because this Hanging Cafe is made on highest point of the bridge. Due to crowd and rush you may not find your seat. So you have to contact or class the number for booking.

Georgia Hanging Cage Jobs: More than 250 people are working in Diamond Shaped Hanging Cafe. From Manager, Security Guard, Waiter, Menu Booker, Cooks are joined with good salary package.

Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili inaugurated both Glass Bridge and Hanging Cafe. And he said main priorities were the protection of natural heritage and development of ecotourism.

Georgian Glass Bridge taken 3 years to complete and it was started on Summer 2019.