Tesla Recalls 130000 Car Touch Screen Problem, Display Malfunction

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Tesla Model S Sedan Touch Screen: here are the main issues that Tesla Car owner facing in touch screen navigation. They complain that the touch screen would intermittently begin acting as if someone was touching it rapidly volume increase to maximum. Tesla recently received warranty claims from January to May month.

1.Overheating problem. 

2.Volumes dramatically increase minimum to maximum or low. 

3. Touch screen displays becomes dark. 

4 center screen from displaying images from the rearview camera. 

5. May not display the speedometer when in "Track Mode 

6. Car faulty brakes 

How Tesla is repairing Touch screen problem: According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Tesla is fixing the problem with online software updates which helps to improve temperature management of computer. The 10th May reclass covers both 2021 and 2022 models.