Moulin Rouge Paris Tickets Online Booking, Open After 133 Years

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People love to visit Paris, France to view one of the famous tower in the world Eiffel Tower. But there is popular club is now opening after 125 years for tourist purpose. This is Paris oldest club and people named it Moulin Rouge.

Paris Moulin Rouge is 133 year old and both Eiffel Tower and Moulin Club was constructed at same time because when Eiffel Tower was open as Paris World Fare than Moulin Club was also established. The main thing or you can see what is the attraction point in France Moulin Club than its Red Window is main viewable identity.

1.Moulin Club is 133 year old dance club. If you want to enjoy and see Moulin Club Dance 

2.Show than you need to pay Rs 17000 to watch 4 hours of show. 

3.In inside windmill there is one premium luxury bed room. 

4.Three lucky winner may get chance to watch and feel Moulin Rouge richness.

Moulin Club Ticket Booking: Now tourist can stay there with their family or alone they can enjoy and look its iconic wind mill for one night. One of travel site is giving chance to 3 lucky winners to stay here at a price of 1 Euro which is almost in Indian price Rs 80.

You can book your evening online. (Attention, prepaying booking is mandatory). It is prohibited to take pictures, or make video of the show and to take pictures of the hall.

Age Limit: Kids accepted starting 6 years old. Discounted rate on the show for kids less than 12 years old. Please contact us. 

Moulin Rouge Club Show: During show starts The Moulin Rouge provides a hearing aid via Wi-Fi. For that, download the "Sennheiser Mobile Connect" App for free, connect your headphones and connect to the WI-FI Mobile Connect network, adapt then the audio signal to your own needs.