CIA Tech Chief CTO Nand Mulchandani Education, USA Intelligence Agency

CIA Tech Chief CTO Nand Mulchandani Education, USA Central Intelligence Agency Appoints New Tech of CIA Nan Mulchandani, Indian Nand Mulchandani Connection With India, Education OF CIA Tech Chief.

Indian CEO is ruling the world right now. We can see hard work, good quality education, discipline and punctuality in Indian CEOs. Here we have another good news for all Indian and it is also the matter for pride.

Central Intelligence Agency of USA is the World’s Premier Foreign Intelligence Agency has appointed Lal Moolchandani as a Tech Chief of Virginia based CIA. This recommendation is under CIA Director named William J Burns. Lal Mulchandani is now called Chief Technology Officer and he will look up the advancement of CIA.

On 29th April this good news came and CIA says from its twitter handle that,” #CIA Director William J. Burns appoints Nand Mulchandani as CIA's first Chief Technology Officer (CTO). With more than 25 years of experience, Mr. Mulchandani will ensure the Agency is leveraging cutting-edge innovations to further CIA's mission.

Now know who is Nand Mulchandani ? 

1.Lal Mulchandani is Indian Origin American and his previous job was acting Director of the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center under the Department of Defence, US. 

2.Previous he was also CEO of some companies like Oblix, OpneDS, ScaleXtreme, Determina, etc. 

3.Connection with India:-Nand Mulchandani studied at Bluebell International School between 1979 and 1987. After that he thinks to study in one of the best institution in the world. 

4. Nand Mulchandani Education, Bluebell International School, Delhi, Master of Science degree in Management from Stanford University, Computer Science and Math from Cornell University, Master in Public Administration degree from Harvard University,