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How PayTM Uses Tap To Pay Technology: 

1. It uses your 16 digit credit card or debit card number.

2. it changes your primary account number to digital identifier.

3. Now tap to any machine which accept payment.

Benefits of Using PayTM Tap To Pay Services: Now you can use your mobile without internet to pay your bill amount in supermarket or local shops. After Reserve Bank of India Card of File Tokenization approval, Central Government informed all Indian citizen to take facility of Tap To Pay Services.

1.Tap To Pay Service identifies 16 Digit card number and convert it into payment on digitally way. 

2.It will allow fast transaction in retail store and super market which helps to avoid crowd gather in same place under Covid 19 Symptoms. 

3. Best thing about PayTM tap to pay service is when your phone is lock, without internet connection, you can pay by tapping on POS Machine. 

4. PayTM new technology will help its business to grow more and attract more customers.

How To Link PayTM Tap To Pay With Debit Card: PayTM users can now activate their save debit card or credit card in PayTM app for using Tap To Pay service. 

Tap To Pay Service in POS Machine: Whenever you go in super market, you may have seen POS Machine that accept debit card tap to pay or debit card swipe system and new UPI payment system.