How To Grow Strawberry at Home, Fertilizer, Compost, Care of Strawberry

How To Grow Strawberry at Home Best Fertilizer For Strawberry, Compost Quality of Strawberry, Care Tips for Strawberry plants in home, Importance of Cocopeat in Strawberry growing. 

Grow Strawberry For Beginners: Strawberry can be grown anywhere in the world. if you provide them 30 Degree temperature for them. Talking about how many colours of strawberry available in this world is Pink, Red, Blue and most expensive Japanese White Strawberry. 

1.You can grow strawberry by strawberry seeds.

2. You can go grow strawberry plants from strawberry plants roots. It appears after strawberry complete its cycle of giving strawberry.

In Home Fertilizer For Strawberry Small Plants: Well I am using Liquid Premium Seaweed Organic Fertilizer for plants. It extracted from deep sea. Other organic fertilizer are Cow Manure, Vermicompost, Leaf Compost or chemical fertilizer, Organic Granules.

Crown In Strawberry: You must take care of Strawberry crown because it has life in it. If crown receive lots of water or damage due to chemical fertilizer then plant will also die soon. 

How To Care Strawberry Plants: it takes lots of effort and hardwork to grow single strawberry plant. i purchase strawberry plants from local nursery at Rs 50 per plant. Strawberry plants loves winter but not so much winter. to protect it from winter you need cocopeat that i use below. if you dont how to give water to strawberry plants than use cocopeat with vermicompost instead of clay for planting

Use of Cocopeat in Strawberry: Cocopeat will help you to protect your strawberry fruits by escaping it from direct connection to mud or clay. Cocopeat also make temperature warm for strawberry during winter.
Best time to grow starwberry: Strawberry best time is winter. And it hate Rainy season. So protect them from direct sunlight and as well as in Rainy season. 

Strawberry Flowers Growing Tips: