Top 6 Summer Winter Squash Plant Seeds To Grow, Zucchini Yellow, Green, Guard

Top 6 Summer Winter Squash Plant Seeds Summer Winter Squash Plant Types, Squash Golden Yellow or Zucchini Yellow, Green Zucchini Plant Seeds, Pumpkin, Organic Butternut squash seeds, Mixed ornamental gourd seeds, 

In this episode we will share new variety of vegetable you can grow in your home. These vegetable are getting popular in Indian region and mostly plant and fruit lover are growing. people called it Summer Squash and Winter Squash. The most popular squash is we purchase online from Amazon is listed below and we will update our page with links and information also.

Zucchini PATTISON PAN: I have purchased Zucchini Squash Pattison Pan from This is first time in my life that i have purchase this vegetable. I dont know its taste but definitely i will give you overview on it. It is round in shop and seems like you are baking something. From - squash is also known as scallop squash, peter pan squash, sunburst squash, granny squash, custard marrow, custard squash, ciblème in Cajun French and white squash.

Zucchini Summer Squash: In upcoming future it may replace Pumpkin Indian reality. Because it doesnot have any wine and Zucchini Summer Squash also look like pumpkin. 

Squash Waltham Butternut: Waltham is improved version of Butternut Squash. You can see Waltham Squash has little in seed and looks like almost buttery in colour. Butternut Squash is thicker in flesh and taste almost good.

Imported Ornamental Guard: Imported Ornamental Guard available in various colour and size and its outer layer is hard. People grow it for decoration purpose feeding birds and animals. 

Squash Golden Yellow or Zucchini Yellow: You can name it as Golden Yellow Squash or Zucchini Yellow. in varieties of summer and winter squash large number of people grow golden yellow may be in 1st spot. Health benefits of Yellow Zucchini: vitamins A, B, and Vitamin C, Fiber, magnesium, potassium, iron, and folate.

Zucchini Green: In India people called it as Long Green PUMPKIN. But green squash have different flavour. it is rich in many nutrients, antioxidants.