Railway Mobile Laptop Insurance Claim, IRCTC, General Travel

Railway Mobile Laptop Insurance Claim IRCTC Travel Insurance Police Claim How To Apply Online Indian Railway General Travel Passenger Policy. You must take benefits of Indian Railway Passenger Insurance Scheme.

Here is good news for all Indian Tourist and Local Passenger who travel daily or sometime in Indian Trains with their expensive items like Laptop, Mobile and Bags. Now Indian Railway will pay your Bag, Laptop and Mobile amount when you lost during Indian Railway Journey.

IRCTC Insurance Policy For Passengers: Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited has made scheme of mobile laptop and bags theft insurance and sooner and later Railway Minister will publicly announce this scheme for all publics.

However asking one railway officer about Train Insurance Scheme for your luggage and electronics items than he said on current time service will be offered those passenger who are booking their tickets online. Some private insurance companies are keen to give services and railway has also issued tender.

Both Long Distance Traveller and short distance traveller are eligible for getting theft insurance scheme.

To avail these service you should have proper ticket booking receipt, platform ticket.

On first phase Mobile Laptop will be included in first phase and IRCTC is calculating subscription amount, plans that will be suitable and merge while booking tickets.

What to do If you lost your luggage, laptop, mobile or gold* items ?

1.You need to give information to coach attempted or conductor. After that submit your complaint in Office of GRP Police. 

2.But main problem is mobile laptop rarely return after theft, so you have only option is insurance and support Railway to make security tight. 

3.In recent years condition of Railway is better if we go back 10 years back. Now platform ticket is mandatory to both passenger and tourist if they come in railway passenger. You will rarely found beggars in stations. 

4. To claim your loss property In train, you must register fir and asked to give non traceable certificate to give. It may also take 3 Months.

Sources also says General Passenger Ticket will be increased upto Rs 5 for making insurance scheme for general passenger.