India Post Office UDAC Code Registration Unique Digital Address Code

India Post Office UDAC Code Registration Pin Code Vs Digital Address Code India Post Office Unique Digital Address Code India Post Office DAC Code Latest News.

Recently India post office has tested new technology related to your address called UDAC.Which means you don’t need to remember old version pin code because this will be updated to Unique Digital Address Code.

On current scenario in India their are 75 crore address in the list of gram panchayat as well in nagar Nigam office. But they all are now going to get 12 Digital Address Code.

Why India Post Office Unique Digital Address Code is important and necessary for all Indians?

During delivery of your products from Amazon, Flipkart, Zomato, Meesho. You need to add your whole address information like area name, street name, Guly name, if any important temple is their, town, district name and many things but your delivery partner has to asked to somebody to deliver your products.

Pin Code Vs Digital Address Code: So Ministry of Information wants to change this old pin code system in India. Now every state, city, district and village will now have its own digital address code.Digital Code will be replacing Pin code of India and it will be worked as co ordinate in all homes.

Helps will be taken from Indian Satellite and Google map will gives exact location of your home. In upcoming future DAC Code whenever you buy food or items from food delivery partner and e commerce website the delivery boy and girl may check your DAC code.

Post office department wants to divide all resident home into neighbourhood and in every neighbourhood 300 Digital address code is available.

1.On all India basis every 25 lakh neighbourhood (बस्ती में बाटा जाएगा ) will be made. 

2.On current time in India their are 35 crore registered home and 40 crore are other properties of government and commercial place. Main objective of India Post Office department is to change all 75 crore address into digital code. 

Benefits of using digital address code:- 

1.You don’t need to give certificate of your living address to open bank account or any other purposes.

2.Online verification for all homes gives you purchase home without consulting other to know whose home it is. 

3.It will work like E KYC. 

4.Verification of population, property, election time, maintaining population register of NRC. 

5.Easy home delivery from your delivery partners.