Electric Car Accelerator Sound Machine, AVAS Price, Latest News

Electric Car Accelerator Sound Machine, Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System Toyota, Tesla Electric Vehicle Sound Machine AVAS Price, EV Bike Sound Alerting Latest News

We all know that electric car, bike, bus, bike and other commercial vehicle running through battery machine dont make noise. And day by day speed of electric vehicle is increasing. Many developed and developing countries has setup target to not use petrol diesel from the year 2030 and in vast manner everyday we are finding EV Car, EV Bike on the road.

Main problem with electric car, bus, ev truck or bike is, they dont make noise for outside public and for formality only horn can escape public of any big Electric Vehicle reached. On current time people wants speed and mileage of car and bike to be improved and many companies are giving these facilities with huge rate difference. 

Now another desire given by ELECTRIC Car and EV Car lover is to install sound system. EV vehicle are noiseless and due to this many pedestrian dont know some one is coming near to them. So to stop EV Car Accident. Companies are introducing one system which is coming to popularity now called AVAS (Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System).

Price of AVAS Machine Price: Price of AVAS Sound machine is different according to companies. Some company will take patent for making new type of sound alert and some companies will launch together sound alerting system.

USA AVAS Electric Car Sound : Electric car may get special type of machine which will help to make noise during traffic and crowds. These machine will be called as AVAS Machine and many car companies in US and UK is researching on it.

Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System : When people will take reverse gear than these AWAS machine is expected alert someone who is behind the car.

UK EV Car AVAS Machine Sound: Research in United Kingdom and United States of America related to sound alarming system is categorized into High Speed, Low Speed and Medium Speed. 

We will update soon on EV sound alerting machine. Thank you for watching.