EL Salvador Bitcoin City, First Bitcoin City in The World, Bond

EL Salvador Bitcoin City, Naib Bukele First Bitcoin City in The World How To Purchase Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Bond of EL Salvador Investment In Bitcoin City EL Salvador.

In this episode we are going to tell you story about El Salvador Country. El Salvador is the First Country Who Approved Bitcoin Currency in the world. In Salvador Country you can purchase 1 KG Sugar or any groceries items with bitcoin currency and now they are going to make Bitcoin City.

Credit goes to El Salvador who introduce Bitcoin Currency legally in his country. He seems to be like Elon Musk whose tweet will crash share market as well his income also. Nobody country in this earth legalize as much as this Central American Country. President Nayib Bukele in a press meeting give precious information about El Salvador Bitcoin City.

El Salvador Bitcoin City Bond: To make Bitcoin City, El Salvador will make Bitcoin Bond to local and foreigner who can buys Bitcoin Bond according to current price of Bitcoin currency. Bitcoin bond shall be available from 2022 which costs 1 Billion Dollar.

1.People who will purchase land, plot or apartment in Bitcoin city. They may only have to give VAT (value Added Tax). 

2.No other type of tax applies to Bitcoin City people and it will be first tax free bitcoin city in the world. 

3.President Bukele said,” whatever revenue comes from Bitcoin city. They will use these money on making exclusive and premium bitcoin city and half of revenue can be used for cleaning and management of Bitcoin city. 

4. European Country, Ukraine has also passed Bitcoin/ cryptocurrency bill with 276 majority votes out of 282 parliament member. 

5. India is also going to make law on cryptocurrencies on whether to legalize it or not.