Chirag Falor Biography, Coaching, MIT, JEE Rank, Age, School

Chirag Falor Biography MIT University Chirag Falor Coaching IIT JEE Rank 2020 Chirag Falor Age School Chirag Falor Achievements Name of Chirag Falor Parents. Chirag Falor is India’s IIT JEE Toppers who wants to study Astro Physics from MIT University of United States of America. Chirag Falor and His family living in Pune and he has chosen PHD in Astrophysics. Astrophysics in Physics, PHD is the main reason Chirag Falor selected MIT USA instead of any IIT Colleges.

Chirag Falor Achievements, Education: Chirag Falor has earned total 352 Marks out of 396 Marks in IIT JEE Advance and he has completed 11th and Intermediate class Education from Pragati Public School Delhi. Chirag has secure 98.4 marks in 12th Board Exam. He told some media person than He and His father daily count Stars of Sky up to Midnight. From this counting star hobby, he has chosen to make his career in Astrophysics.

How Chirag Falor Become Topper in IIT JEE Advance: Chirag Falor plays Badminton, Table Tennis, Chess and etc. game to remove tiredness from His body. But here is main point where child parents should know and every students should keep in mind that he don’t use phone and during lockdown he selected phone for complete his coaching classes WhatsApp group.

Chirag Falor Ambition, Admission: Chirag family background belongs to world largest middle class family of India. And his father named Pawan is Floor Software Developer and mother Pooja is house wife. Chirag Mother wants to encourage his son to take India to reach on Moon.

Chirag Falor Coaching: Chirag Family has shifted Chirag falor from Pune to Delhi Hostel when he was in 11th class. And Chirag mother says when she think of him, then goes to bathroom with full of tears. Now after selection in America MIT University she believes MIT or NASA is not farther to him. Chirag Falor can achieve anything.

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