Kangana Ranaut Y Category Security By Amit Shah, 11 Soldiers, Latest News

Kangana Ranaut Y Category Security by Amit Shah Sushant Singh Rajput Case Kangana Ranaut Y Series Category Security Meaning Latest News in Hindi Kangana Ranaut Breaking News. Sushant Singh Rajput Case is heading toward its final stage and we are watching how party use their power in the name of democracy. CBI day to day is making case stronger and stronger which will help to submit case in Supreme Court. Do you know CBI daily go to floor of Sushant Singh Rajput Rented flat costs Rs 4 Lakh per month.

Kangana Ranaut Y Plus Security: After Shiv Sena Leader abuses Women. Here we are talking about Kangana Ranaut its Plus Security. Kangana Ranaut belongs to Himachal Pradesh and today HP Government has given green signal to give here security. However after Sanjay Singh Raut Statement,” Kangana Ranaut is now allowed to live, earn money in Maharashtra has given support to Kangana Ranaut from all India Basis.

Kangana Ranaut Challenge To Sanjay Raut: Kangana Ranaut daily gives news update on her twitter account which is the most searched twitter account in the world and gain millions of subscriber when she newly opened her account. Recently Ministry of Home Affairs allows Y Plus Security to Kangana Ranaut.

Kangana Ranaut Y Security is India stage Security System for common people of India. Mostly very important person gets Y Plus Security and if any person demands that He/She urgently need security or they involve in high profile case than with in hour or 1 day time, they will get Y Series Security.

Total 11 soldiers will guard Kangana Ranaut provides you security on 24 hours basis and may be Kangana Ranaut is the first lady of Bollywood who is getting Y Security. In 11 soldiers of Y Series Suraksha (2 Commando, 2 PSO and rest of Para Military Force).

Types of Security System: SPG Security, Z + Security, Z Security, Y Security, X Security.