Delhi Part Time Worker Salary For 1 Hour, Rs 1856, Government Approved

Delhi Part Time Worker Salary For 1 Hour Rs 1856 CM Arvind Kejriwal 3 to 4 hours Part Time Job In Delhi Government Approved part time jobs in Delhi for students, migrant workers latest news in Hindi. This is first time in History of Delhi Government, who are making salary of part time worker on per hour basis. No matter where you come from (UP, MP, Bihar, Mumbai, Bengaluru, AP, JK or even Laddakh). If you are working in Delhi as a migrant worker than you should know how much Delhi Government is paying worker on hour basis.

Delhi Part Time Jobs Salary on 3 To 4 Hour Basis: Delhi Government has issued guidelines for all those companies, contractor, construction department to pay their worker on hourly basis. If you any person work 1 hour on daily in any region of Delhi than he/she will get payment of Rs 1856 on monthly basis. Same as it is person working 2 hour continuous daily than per month wages is Rs 3712, for 3 hours Rs 5568, For 4 hours Rs 7424. You can also see table below for more understanding.

Per Month
1 Hour: Rs 1856
2 Hour: Rs 3712
3 Hour: Rs 5568
4 Hour: Rs 7424

Delhi Part Time Salary Latest News in Hindi: Financial Department  of Delhi Government has instructed all major department to work frequently on guidelines related to Part Time Worker Salary. In 2019, High court has also ordered Delhi Government to make good salary base for both Skilled and Non Skilled workers. Part time facility was not available on that time.

Part Time 4 Or 5 Hours Salary in Delhi : During Corona symptoms, youth, skilled workers are avoiding 5 to 8 hours of works. That is why CM Arvind Kejriwal Government finally look up this matter and it will support financial support for family who are depended on these works.

Part Time Jobs In Delhi With Good Salary: Delhi Government has also made portal for both Job Seeker and Hiring Agency where you can search offices jobs, Bank Jobs in HDFC, Axis Bank, Office jobs, Account jobs, Clerk Jobs, tally Jobs, airtel, Vodafone, Jio jobs or any factory jobs. You can also apply for part time jobs also.