Top 10 Branded Helmet List 2020 BIS Standard, Weight 1200 GM, 1000 Fine

Top 10 Branded Helmet List 2020 Branded Motorcycle Helmet List 2021 Indian BIS Standard Helmet Name List 2021 Weight of New Helmet 1200 GM Rs 1000 Fine of Not Wearing Branded Helmet List 2020. Central Government is coming up with new law to wear only branded helmet under Road Safety Act 2020. In a law of new Modi Government Helmet Law, Indian citizen should wear only branded helmet, if necessary. And if you found wearing helmet without any Helmet Quality Standard than you must have to pay Rs 1000 for Non Branded Helmet Challan Jurmana and Fine.

Helmet Brands List in India: Helmet Company who involve in business of helmet production, should have to come in law of BIS Helmet Standard. Rs 2 Lakh fine + Jail to those company owner who are making non branded helmet without permission of Government of India and State Govt. Sources said 28 people die due to not wearing helmet (or we can say good quality helmet).

Top 10 Motorcycle Helmet Brands 2020: This is first time in history of State Transport, Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, who is praising Indian citizen to follow security proofed helmet by adding it in BSI (Indian Standard Bureau). Ministry of Road Transport released notification on 30 July and ask all Stake holder to given them response on New Helmet Law with in 30 days of time. Because from September 1st week Branded Helmet Rule fully applied in all India basis.

1.Company involve in production of Helmet should have to take Praman Patra (Certificate) from BSI before selling helmet.

2. To allow selling and making of new local helmet, State Government Pravartan Adhikari (as a Inspector) will be main head.

3. Weight of new helmet is 1 Kilo 20 Gram (Previous weight was 1 KG 500 Gram).

4. Rs 2 Lakh fine to helmet company who don’t follow BIS Standard.

5. There should be difference between Bike Helmet, Cycle Helmer, Helmet wearing by Engineering Staff and Helmet of construction workers.

6. Studds Helmet, Vega helmets, Steelbird Helmet, SMK helmets, MT helmets, LS2 helmets, Ninja Helmet