Submarine Optical Fibre Cable Chennai To Port Blair, Speed 400 GBPS, Plans

Submarine Optical Fibre Cable Chennai To Port Blair BSNL Optical Fibre Cable Internet Speed 400 GBPS, Chennai To Port Blair Submarine Optical Fibre Cable Plans & Recharges.10th August is a special day for Andaman and Nicobar Islands peopl. At 10:30 this morning, the submarine Optical Fibre Cable (OFC) connecting Chennai and Port Blair will be inaugurated. Inauguration of the submarine Optical Fibre Cable in Andaman and Nicobar Islands ensures: High-speed broadband connectivity. Fast and reliable mobile and landline telecom services. Big boost to the local economy.

BSNL Submarine Optical Fibre Cable Chennai: To Port Blair There is only a fixed bandwidth of 3.2 GBPS available in the Andaman & Nicobar islands which will be hiked by more than 100 times. A 400 GBP/S (2 x 200 Gigabits per second (Gbps) between Chennai and Port Blair, and 2 x 100 Gbps between Port Blair and the other islands)  bandwidth would now be available thru optical fibre cable initially with the commencement of the project.

Benefits of Optical Fibre Cable: Mostly you can say uses. And in recent days Indian People net in their recharge account in cheaper rate. After internet, The optical fibre network plays major role in Delivery of e-governance, telemedicine and tele-education. Fiber optic cable laid using submarines commences between Chennai and Port Blair a distance of 2300 kms, cost of about Rs 1224 Crore.

Optical Fibre Cable Recharge Plans: BSNL Tariff Plans will enable high speed internet access and associated services to the people of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. For BSML Wire Line segment, copper broadband costumers are now provided with higher speeds which is up to 10MBPS and up to 15 times more data download ranging from 30 GB to 750 GB in a month on its existing plans.

BSNL FTTH Optical Fibre Costumers are also provided with higher speed up to 100 MBPS and up to 15 times data volume download ranging from 60 GB to 15000 GB in a month on its existing plans having data facility.