Railway Employee Union Latest News in Hindi, Jobs, Salary, Pension, Privatisation

Railway Employee Union Latest News in Hindi Indian Railway Employee Union Jobs Railway Union Salary Railway Old Pension Scheme Railway Privatisation Latest News in Hindi. From all over India, Railway Union Leader has started protesting in front of their office and they wants Government should accept their demand to make Railway as a 100 % Public Sector. From today onwards, we will give you daily update on Railway Employee, Their Salary, Privatisation of Railway and many more.

Railway Employee Trade Union Demand News in Hindi  In recent month or year you hear two important news in Indian Railway. Which Railway employee don’t like. First one is Privatisation of Railway and second one is Corporate Train. Some leader in Current Govt hints to remove 50 percent jobs in Indian Railway. Before Coronavirus symptoms Indian Railway targeted to fill 4 Lakh jobs and half of jobs already filled but during Covid 19 symptoms govt use this time to take benefit.

1.Railways wants dearness allowance which govt stops.
2. Govt Should cancel 151 corporate train.
3.Railway Recruitment Board should restart 50 % jobs that banned by Railway Ministry.
4. Facility of OLD Pension Scheme.
5. Track Maintainer of LDC Quota must be open to all.
6. Railway should create jobs of Act Apprentice.

Railway Worker Union Latest News: All above demands cum letter released by Indian Railway Employee Union. And they wants urgent action on these Railway Employee Union demand. Now talk about Railway Privatisation. On Sunday Railway union raised slogan of Quiet India Movement and send their power of groupism to higher authority.

Railway Dearness Allowance January 2020 to 30 June 2021: Railway Ministry stopped dearness allowance (Mehengai Bhatta) of January 2020 to 30 June 2021.

Northern Railway Mains Union, Uttaranchal Railway Majdoor, Eastern Railway Union and Western Railway Union leader were present in protesting against govt and wants to take back decision which affects Railway Employee Salary and youth who gives Railway Competion Exam to get Railway jobs.