Israel Gold Diamond Face Mask Sold To Chinese Businessman, $ 1.5 Million

Israel Gold Diamond Face Mask Worlds Expensive Face Mask Costs Features of Israel Diamond Face Mask Israel Gold Face Mask Sold To Chinese Businessman Price of Covid 99 Mask $ 1.5 Million. Israel, as a Country who is known for its technology in Agriculture, Defence and Space centre. An Israeli Jewellery company is working to develop face mask which is said to be Worlds Expensive Face Mask. Company uses various Natural items like Diamond, Gold and Platinum for making it more expensive than any other Face Mask.

Israel Expensive Gold and Diamond Face Mask Luxury Jewelry brand Yvel, out of Israel, is constructing Worlds Most Expensive Covid 19 Face Mask. When it will be completed than here is specification of Israel Gold Face Mask- 18 Karat White Gold Face WITH 3600 white and Black diamond fitted with top quality N 99 Filters.

Features of Israel Gold Face Mask:

1.Weight: 270 Grams.

2.Gold: 18 Karat White Gold Mask.

3.Diamonds: 3600 White and Black Diamonds.

4.Best Feature: Top Rated Covid 99 Mask of European Standards.

5. Buyers: Chinese Businessman Living in USA.

6. company: Designer, Yvel, Isaac Levy, owner of Israeli jewellery company Yve

7. Country Made: Israel.

Israel Gold Face Mask: Now major question people asking what is the price Israel White Gold Face Mask. According to sources minimum price badged by Yvel, The Luxury Jewellery of Israel says 1.5 million dollar. Jeweler says it was ordered by Chinese businessman living in the U.S. He is paying $ 1.5 million dollar for the mask. Before ordering he made three condition:-

1.It must be approved by N99 and the European standards.
2. It should be delivered before 31st December 2020.
3. Third condition is, it should be most expensive mask in the world.